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“Wat Po” as Asia’s 8th / Wat Pho Thai Massage

Vote result from the world’s traveling website, trip advisor admired “Wat Po” and ranked it as Asia’s 8th most outstanding tourist site in Asia.

Wat Pho Thai Massage School is located inside the wall on the northern side of Wat Pho temple, a temple which is adjacent to the Grand Palace. This school is a center of education for Thai traditional medicine including yoga with a variety of massage techniques following traditional messages teaching courses. It opens every day between 08.00 am – 17.00 pm (Thailand local time) and its price is 350-500 baht per hour. Moreover, you can visit architectures which have ages over 200 years. (Please remember to dress yourself properly).

“Wat Po” as Asia’s 8th / Wat Pho Thai Massage
“Wat Po” as Asia’s 8th / Wat Pho Thai Massage

Wat Phra Chettuphon Wimon Mangkhlaram (Wat Po) is one of the oldest and most grand temples in Bangkok; it is where the longest reclining Buddha in Bangkok was built. Travelers of Trip advisor stated that “the size of the reclining Buddha is able to attract and put a spell on people so that they would turned mesmerize for a moment. The paintings on the walls and windows are also very beautiful.”
Remarks: Please dress politely.
Wat Pho and Grand Palace are the 10 rank of the Best Destinations in Asia.

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