TARO Fish Snack

Great Taste with Nutritional Benefits Taro is fish snack during the day. Can be eaten at any time, such as reading books, going to the movies, no fat can eat it. High protein and benefits of fish meat. High fish composition of up to 80%

Sauce Coated Fish Snack Spicy Cuttlefish Flavoured – Taro (22 g.)

Sauce Coated Fish Snack Extreme Hot Cuttlefish Flavoured – Taro (22 g.)

Fish Snack Spicy & BBQ Flavoured – Taro (30 g. x 2)

Fish Snack Spicy Flavoured – Taro (30 g.)

Fish Snack BBQ Flavoured – Taro (30g.)

Fish Snack Barbeque Flavoured – Taro Pack (7.5 x 12g)

Fish Snack Barbeque Kimchi Flavor – Taro Pack (7.5g x 12)

Fish Snack Hot Chilli Flavoured – Taro Pack (7.5g x 12)

Fish Snack Korean Seaweed Flavoured – Taro Pack (7.5g x12)

Fish Snack Spicy Flavoured – Taro Pack (7.5g x12)

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