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Sightseeing Museums Bangkok

National Museum Bangkok. It is situated on Na Phra That Road, Phra Nakhon District, between Thammasat University and National Theatre, opposite Royal Plaza (Sanam Luang).

Sightseeing Museums Bangkok. This museum is considered as the largest museum of South East Asia and it is also another place collecting the largest amount of Thai art materials. This museum has collected Thai history since pre-historical period.

Suan Pakkad palace

It is located next to Suan Pakkad palace on a 6 Rai land on Sri Ayudhya road, Bangkok, comprises of 8 vintage Thai style houses. With his majesty personality and love for collecting arts and important antique pieces both from Thailand and the world, many of the pieces are displayed at the palace.

Vimanmek Mansion

Vimanmek Mansion. It is a throne hall constructed with the world’s largest golden teak wood consisted of beautiful and delicate architecture. Its construction was inspired by western construction and the building is divided into various palaces that are current used for holding different exhibitions. If you would like to visit each palace, you have to leave your belongings in lockers outside. You are allowed to take photograph of building’s exterior without leaving any belonging in locker. However, you are not allowed to take any photograph of its interior.

The Jim Thompson House is a house of James H.W. Thompson,

The Jim Thompson House is a house of James H.W. Thompson, a rich American businessman who was successful with silk business and established Jim Thompson – The Thai Silk Company that was famous around the world. He had a reputation as the “American man who became one of Thai legends”. Currently, the condition of this house that has been “mentioned by several people” and “the center of Thailand’s celebrities” is almost the same without any changing.

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