Hot basil stir fried with squid by team Thai grocery online

Thai dish a popular spicy, hot basil stir fried. The ingredients are all very easily available, and the simple to prepare. Have made ours with squid however minced pork, shrimp, chicken, beef and other . Scented with aromatic Thai basil, this seasoning adds to a quick and simple dish which is a favourite of the people of Thailand. Sometimes it is served hot over steamed rice with a fried egg.

Euro Puff Cake 3 Cream

European Food Public Company Limited in Thailand’s confectionery and bakery market. The new gigantic plant has been fully equipped with high quality machines, modern technology, specialists and expertise to make sure that every process will definitely deliver a finest satisfaction in nutrition, hygiene, and delightful taste for our customers.

TARO Fish Snack

Great Taste with Nutritional Benefits Taro is fish snack during the day. Can be eaten at any time, such as reading books, going to the movies, no fat can eat it. High protein and benefits of fish meat. High fish composition of up to 80%